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About NC-CCS

NC-CCS is a uniquely structured trade association advocating for charter schools in North Carolina. Because of its structure, NC-CCS is the only charter group with the ability to freely lobby and promote the interests of charter schools in the General Assembly, State Board of Education, and NC DPI. NC-CCS is also the only member-led organization, and the only organization that combines policy, legal, and legislative expertise to protect and promote the interest of NC charter schools and the more than 100,000 students they serve.

NC-CCS will amplify the voice of charter schools, protect their interests, and advocate smart, strategic legislative and regulatory reforms: Advocacy areas include:

  • Financial equity for NC charter schools:
    • As a unified voice, NC-CCS will work to advance statutory changes to ensure that all public school funds follow the child. Existing inequities within per pupil local funding and state-level grants that legislatively have omitted access for public charter schools must be addressed.
  • Regulatory equity for NC charter schools:
    • Recent court rulings and legislative action have resulted in the requirement that all policies affecting charter schools must be reviewed by the Regulatory Rules Commission. As the only trade association for North Carolina charter schools, NC-CCS is prepared to be the voice in Raleigh to the rules commission, the state legislature, and all regulatory bodies, as we work to advocate for the flexibility and innovation that we know are foundational for charter school success.

NC-CCS is specifically structured to facilitate common ground among charter schools of all sizes and affiliations. Whether your charter school is large, small, independent, or part of a charter network, the bylaws of NCCCS provide equity for all. Member schools will elect NC-CCS’ board based on enrollment. This will enable us to advance common interests, together, for the good of all North Carolina charter schools.

NC-CCS is currently organized with a founding board that reflects all facets of the charter school spectrum (independent charters, network charters, etc.). Once the number of member pledges received reaches an operational threshold, members will convene to select permanent officers to serve the slated terms.

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